Teeth Whitening Products and How they Work

Besides being a top dental problem, tooth discoloration is the most obvious challenge that many Australians have to contend with. This is because the staining of teeth mostly takes place on the surface where it is clearly visible to everyone you meet. There are innumerable causes of tooth discoloration and equally many products to eliminate the problem. Before you check what someone like PureSmile Brisbane can offer for stained teeth problems, it helps to understand how some of the whitening products work.

Dental-office Whitening

The procedure is by far the most effective in whitening stained teeth because it is carried out by experts. Also, its success rate stems from the fact that only specialised equipment and products are used. A dentist may use paste, light, heat or a combination of any of these elements to whiten a patient’s teeth. Its results are usually instantaneous, and the procedure does not exceed an hour in most instances. You should contact a specific expert for information on the most appropriate method to use in your case as each has its share of advantages over the other.

Home-based Gels and Strips

These are products that patients apply onto the stained teeth for a certain period. In most cases, the dental experts who prescribe them ask their patients to use them twice daily for at least two weeks. To get the best of the whitening gels and strips, a PureSmile Brisbane expert can offer advice on where to get them or prescribe some that are available.


All toothpaste brands have the ability to whiten teeth due to their slightly abrasive nature. However, there are some that are specifically meant to whiten teeth since polishing agents and chemicals are added to enhance their bleaching capabilities. When compared to other methods and products of tooth whitening in Queensland, toothpaste is the cheapest and most readily available. The downside to using them is that you have to wait for long to get meaningful results, which is usually a shade whiter than what you had before you started using the product. Exercise caution, however, especially when using products that contain peroxides by limiting the length of time you leave them on your teeth.

Tray-based Methods

Here, a device that resembles a mouth guard gets filled with a bleaching agent and placed over the discoloured teeth. The procedure is repeated for an hour or more and done for up to four weeks. The best thing about them is that you can get the guard-like tray over-the-counter. If you live in Garden City Westfield or its surroundings, a PureSmile Brisbane expert can get you one that will yield the best results because he or she will take into consideration the cause of the discoloration and other factors.

Other Considerations

Unknown to many people, carbamide peroxide is the most critical whitening agent in most gels. When it comes into contact with human teeth, it disintegrates into urea and hydrogen peroxide. The latter by-product is responsible for most of the whitening by reacting with the discolouration and stains. During the reaction, the stains and discoloured parts lose their shade, leaving you with white teeth. Many dental associations around the world have discovered that carbamide peroxide is the product to select if you wish for the removal of the stains on the surface of your teeth and those deep within. https://www.puresmile.com.au/brisbane/